Q&A Videos

with Dr. Tim Alan Gardner

The following clips are part of video Q&A series with relationship experts sponsored by TwoOfUs.org.  Tim was honored to be asked to be part of this series.  Really!  How many opportunities does someone get to give expert advice for free?  And now you get to receive it for the same price! (Tongue firmly in cheek!)  Sorry, we're only showing Tim's answers here.  You'll have to look elsewhere for other folk's free advice!


Click to listen as Tim spouts off....

 What's the difference between marriage education & marriage therapy?

 Tim obviously thought the producers were going to do some editing on this one... oh, well.

A discussion on the importance of having shared meaning in your marriage.

Now HERE is a question for the workplace.




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Comments from some
who have experienced Tim.
We promise we're not
making this stuff up!

"Tim Gardner was a blessing to our congregation. His grace-filled presentation, backed with a strong understanding of God's design for marriage and an extensive knowledge of current research about marriage in the social sciences, gave our members new tools to help them
craft healthy marriages.
He artfully combined laughter with clear, understandable teaching. We look forward to
having him again."
-Rev. Larry Coulter, Sr. Pastor
Shepherd of the Hills

"By far, Tim Gardner is one of the best speakers we have had. His expertise in family matters and life skills is always communicated with humor and sensitivity. He knows what men need to hear and says it as they need to hear it! He has a terrific way of weaving a command of the Scriptures with research data. Together those form a powerful punch for men who want to know their God-given role and how God will help them as they strive to be better husbands and dads. We have many speakers but Tim’s presentations are the most impactful and are always what the men remember most. I heartily recommend him."
-Mike Whitesell,
Director: Men of Grace
Grace Community Church

"We've really enjoyed getting to know Tim Gardner. Tim speaks with passion, clarity, and lot of great humor. I'd recommend him to any church or group."
-Paul Mumaw,
Lead Pastor
Genesis Church

"I loved it! Tim Gardner spoke directly to our group of over 100 men and didn't throw any softballs, but called out the men to honor their wives and marriages. We men need to be challenged to Man Up and Do It."
-Bart Middleton,
Men's Ministry Leader
Brookville Rd. Cmnty Church

 "Tim has an amazing ability to drive home a truth without beating you up in the process. Bring him back again and again; we were all blessed by his humor and his strength."  
Blanche N., pastor's wife

"Tim Gardner is the best marriage communicator
on the planet."
-Mike Carver,
Men's Ministry Leader
Chapel Hill Presbyterian

"Tim Gardner gave an awesome no-punches-pulled presentation that made sense of everyday experience."

-Mike T., pastor

"Tim Gardner was the best marriage speaker I've ever heard. His passion to help make marriage work was so obvious."
-Danny, pastor

"Loved Tim's sense of humor."

"I've learned more from
this than all of the other
workshops combined."
-audience member
in Seattle, WA

"Tim is amazingly over the top."

"Tim was awesome
and engaging."

"The best marriage event
I've ever attended!"
-a pastor from Grand Rapids

"I regret that I wasted 20 years of my life loving my wife the wrong way. Dr. Gardner showed me the right way...
and it saved my marriage."


"Tim & Amy were excellent! This was a real marriage retreat!"
-Missionary serving in Africa, on a retreat in Dakar, Senegal 

"Tim Gardner was excellent;
a breath of fresh air."
-Ed D, pastor

A few testimonials from our corporate clients.

“I’ve been in the meeting and travel business for over 18 years, and I’ve never seen anyone have an impact on the entire family like Tim and Amy. They exceed expectations with the program they deliver.”
Jim Adams, President
Performance Strategies, Inc.

"Our association with Dr. Tim Gardner has turned out to be just what we were looking for! We have utilized Dr. and Mrs. Gardner's live presentations to our employees and their spouses and they love it."
Tom Westcott , Vice President
hhgregg electronics

"Dr. Gardner's relationship skills program has been very well received by my team."
Steve Scattaregia,
Regional Vice President
CommScope Inc.

“My wife and I believe that the training we received with Tim Gardner will help us take steps to improve our relationship. Furthermore, as things are better at home, I am convinced that I will be more
productive at work."
Mark Flagg,
HOMExperience Director
The Estridge Companies

A Few Evaluations from the Smart Marriages Conference

"I will forever be able to remember the 5 keys due to the wonderful hand symbols that made them so simple and clear. Thank you, thank you!! Tim was entertaining, informative, and engaging."

"Wonderful speaker. I loved the visual of the hand. It really helped me remember the Five Keys to an Incredible Marriage. Most importantly, I learned the importance of raising the expectations of what I need to do instead of expecting so much from my spouse."

"Hands down best presenter that is not in a plenary. The five keys he presented were so simple I can remember them without looking at my notes. But they are fluid enough that I can use them with almost all of the couples that I work with. His idea of oneness is one of the most powerful marriage concepts I have heard anyone
talk about."

And a few anonymous ones... from husbands no less!

"Thanks for providing leadership in this important area of family and marriage!"

"My children are parents themselves now but the info is relevant for me as a father and grandfather"

"Tim really just kind of laid it out for us and gave us
a lot to think about."

 "I've been married for 20 years, but Tim provided some great advice and direction to continue 'pursuing' my wife."

 "I NEED to be reminded frequently of ways to put myself aside and show my wife how much she means to me."

 "Great reminder to put selfishness to the side and do all I can for my wife."